Drupal / Excel

I wrote a combination of Excel Visual Basic macro and Drupal REST API to transfer data between Excel and a Drupal site.

I guess I used to shudder and/or laugh when talking about VBA, but I have to admit that writing short macros was not at all painful. I guess it works as long as the size of the program does not grow too much.

Programming is about thinking, logic and algorithms, and the actual programming languages are, well, as similar as the spoken languages.

Drupal documentation? mwahahahaha


I kind of like the Drupal architecture, and anything seems to be malleable by writing a few short hook functions.

The documentation, even of core modules, is quite abysmal. Unless you already know how things work, finding out the parameters, their use, not to speak of reasonable usage, has a large fraction of guesswork. I have gotten used to the habit of googling any functions and features of any programming language that happens to be at my screen at any time, and usually some of the first-pagers has a clear answer.

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Tein asiakkaan visuaalisesti suunnitteleman sivuston http://unohdaitsesi.fi/ teknisen toteutuksen Drupalilla. Pohjana oli Marinelli-teema.

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