Work history

  • 2009 onwards Machina Ludens, free lance - see References
  • 2003 Nokia, System Architect. Information architecture, UML modeling, requirements engineering, ICT systems acquisition.
    • Requirements Consultant – Definition and implementation of Requirements Engineering for the organisation. Support for business units implementing Requirements Engineering.

      Tools used: DOORS, Lotus Notes, MS PowerPoint.
    • Requirements Methodology Consultant – Responsibility and design of methods, supporting tools and training packages for Requirements Engineering of ICT systems.
    • Information Architect – Design of Requirements Engineering information model for a global multilayered corporation.

      Tools used: MS PowerPoint, System Architect, UML, Visio, MS Word.
    • System architect – Definition of support system product decomposition in different abstraction levels – i.e. system architecture.

      Tools used: MS PowerPoint, System Architect, UML, Visio, MS Word.
    • Requirements Specialist – Collection and purification of requirements from several different business units, arrangement of demonstrations from tool vendors, evaluation of vendor proposals.

      Tools used: Accept360, Core, DOORS, Excel, Lotus Notes, RequisitePro, RTM, Slate, UML.
  • 2000 Nokia Research Center, Senior Consultant. CMMI, Spice, inspection, ISO 15288, auditing, INCOSE, Systems Engineering, EU EUREKA.
    • CMMI Assistant Lead Assessor – Internal and vendor CMMI assessments. Objective setting with management, planning, scheduling, performing inrterviews, corroborating the evidence, consolidating the results, improvement proposals, reviews with personnel and management.
    • University Liaison – Representing Nokia in the management team of Helsinki University of Technology projects on Requirements Engineering (CORE).
    • Training evaluator – Participation and evaluation of Stevens Institute of Technology courses on Systems Engineering (SYS-625, SYS-650) and Telelogic "Creating Better Requirements".
    • Event coordinator - Arranged events and coordinated a corporate web site on Requirements Engineering and Systems Engineering.
    • Application Project Management - Information models and evaluation of Requirements Management tools.
    • Information Modeler -
    • Application Owner – Management of an internal Requirements Engineering application, evaluation of replacement alternatives, end-of-life activities.
      Tools used: Lotus Notes, RTM.
    • Workplace Safety Representative
  • 1999 Master of Sciences. Master's thesis in the field of Einstein's General Relativity.
  • 1997 Nokia Senior System Consultant. System development, 5 patents.
    • Quality Agent – Operational process development for the unit, especially requirements management. Development of teamworking applications.

      Tools used: Excel, Lotus Notes.
    • Coaching – Target setting and coaching for junior colleagues.
    • Project Manager – Management of budget and resources from Nokia Research Center for the development of a network capacity planning tool.

      Tools used: MS Excel, MS Project.
    • Network Planner – Planning of the fixed telephone network and SS7 signalling network for Telecom Iran.

      Tools used: Lotus Notes, MS Excel, NPS/10.
    • Process Developer – Teamwork to create a process description, process flow diagrams, milestone definitions, quality criteria, process artifact descriptions and associated office tool templates.

      Tools used: MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Lotus Notes.
    • System Consultant – Development of new system level product concepts using company products as parts. Business case planning, technical concept development, telecommunications system design including Multimedia Messaging and WAP. Several innovations patented.

      Tools used: MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Lotus Notes.
  • 1994 Nokia Cellular Systems, System Engineer. ATM, GSM, 3G, ETSI, ATM Forum. Innovations and patenting.
    • Protocol Specialist – Development of new telecommunications protocols: microcell protocol for ATM for mobile telecommunications base station network. Participation in standardisation forums ETSI and ATM Forum. Patenting of innovations related to speech transfer in mobile networks.
    • Project Manager – Management of a research project to experiment with packet network transmission of cellular traffic. Implementation on Linux workstations and actual mobile base stations.
  • 1993 Nokia Telecommunications, Designer. OSI, fault tolerant computing.
    • Vendor Negotiator – Negotiation of terms for procuring telecommunications verification software OSITEST.
    • OSI Specialist – Participation in software design for the OSI protocol stack implementation.
  • 1990 Finnish Meteorological Institute, trainee. MATLAB, ozone measurements, data analysis.
    • Physicist Trainee – Development of Bayesian statistical analysis for the measurement of ozone from satellite based absorption spectrum analysis of star light.

      Tools used: MATLAB, Mathematica.
  • 1989 Nokia Telecommunications, Software designer. SDL, C, PL/M programming. Fault tolerant real time computing.
    • Software Designer – Design of maintenance real time software for Intel 386 based fault tolerant hardware. Documentation and testing of software on actual fault tolerant telecommunications hardware.

      Tools used: Assembler 386, C, PL/M, SDL.
  • 1987 Imatran Voima, software specialist. Maintenance of DEC VAX clusters, HP3000 and IBM mainframes.
    • Software Specialist - Maintenance of an asyncronous batch data transfer utility connecting 3 different systems: HP/3000 for material procurement, IBM mainframe for financials and VAX/VMS for localised inventory. Also billing for the system.

      Tools used: Fortran, HP/3000, RDB, SPL, VAX/VMS.
    • Quality Engineer – Analysis of system logs and reporting of system performance.

      Tools used: DCL and SPL scripting, SAS graphics.
  • 1985 Military service, corporal.
    • Assault rifle skills, Morse code and cryptographic communications, management and leadership of a mobile radio communications team in hostile environment, camping outdoors at -32°C.
  • 1984 Kaakontieto, programming work. Begin studies of theoretical physics in University of Helsinki.
    • Programmer – Design of applications for software compression and encryption.

      Tools used: Basic, HP/250.
    • Design of a printer network control software using proprietary data switching hardware.

      Tools used: HP/3000, Pascal, SPL, Image/3000.


I have accumulated experience from several techniques over the years.

Languages (15)
SQL 2 years
Apache 2 years
C 3 years
C++ 1 year
MySQL 2 years
bash 1 year
Fortran 1 year
Pascal 1 year
PHP 1 year
PL/M 2 years
Python cursory
Perl cursory
Basic 1 year
SPL (HP), DCL (Digital) [obsolete] 2 years
LaTeX 1 year
Ruby on Rails 1 month
Product platforms / software (9)
LAMP 1 years
Lotus Notes 10 years
MySQL 1 years
MATLAB 3 months
Mathematica 3 months
HTML, CSS 2 years
Excel 1 years
DOORS 2 years
CVS 1 year
Embedded software testing 4 years
Testing process development 2 years
Linux [Ubuntu / gentoo] 15 years
Windows 20 years
DX200 5 years
VAX/VMS [obsolete] 5 years
HP/3000 [obsolete] 5 years
MacOS [obsolete] 3 years
Software development process 10 years
Embedded software 10 years
Telecommunications (infra & mobile) 10 years
Online gaming (user viewpoint :) 4 years
Screenwriting, movies 2 years
Project work
Project management 1 year
Software development
Requirement specifications or functional design 10 years
Technical architecture or solution architecture design 13 years
Database design or administration 3 years
Research & development 10 years
Concept & process design 10 years
CMMi 3 years


  • 5 patents in the area of telecommunications.
    • AU1034699 "Method for transmitting a message to a mobile station"
    • AU1548097 "Speech transmission in a mobile communication network"
    • AU7920998 "Method and device for re-routing a connection in a connection in a telecommunications network comprising a plurality of network elements"
    • AU6835498 "Method of controlling load in mobile communication system"
    • CN1217117 "Speech transmission in a packet network"
  • Publications on the philosophy of software work (Aristos magazine)

Courses and seminars

  • 04/2008 – Hype and Myths around Agile development, Alistair Coburn
  • 04/2008 – Effective software development in the 21st century
  • 11/2006 – Leading and Managing Organizational Change
  • 10/2006 – Design Structure Matrix
  • 09/2006 – Nokia's Code of Conduct Awareness
  • 02/2006 – Tutorial on DoD Architecture Framework
  • 02/2006 – Modular product architecture
  • 01/2006 – System Architecting
  • 11/2004 – Taming SW Product Families
  • 09/2004 – UNA Requirements Development
  • 12/2003 – Systems Engineering e-learning, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 12/2003 – NSSEF Seminar on System Architecture
  • 08/2003 – Requirements Engineering and Management Training
  • 05/2003 – NSSEF Workshop on Requirements from Customer to Roadmap
  • 04/2003 – Requirements Engineering for System Development
  • 11/2002 – Scenery (Leadership in NRC), Nokia Research Center
  • 10/2002 – Scenery (Managing People), Nokia Research Center
  • ??/???? – Inspection Leader, Tom Gilb
  • 03/2002 – Scenery (Project Management), Nokia Research Center
  • 07/2001 – International Symposium, INCOSE, Melbourne, Australia
  • 06/2001 – Systems Engineering Overview course, RAMSE
  • 04/2001 – Action Focused Assessment Training / CMM-SW, Tim Kasse
  • 03/2001 – RTM Key User
  • 10/2000 – CMMI, Tim Kasse
  • 08/2000 – CMM Basic, Nokia Research Center
  • 01/2000 – Amplifier (Development in R&D Specialist Role), Nokia Networks
  • 12/1999 – Amplifier (NET Business Today & Technology), Nokia Networks
  • 04/1999 – Managing Your Self, Nokia
  • 11/1998 – Fixed Network Planning, Merito Forum
  • 06/1998 – Dynamic Presentations (NLP), Lara Ewing
  • 01/1998 – Onnistuminen ihmissuhteissa, Nokia
  • 12/1997 – Explorer (Finance for Non-Financial People), Nokia NTC
  • 11/1997 – Signalling System 7, United Kingdom
  • 11/1997 – Explorer (Working Successfully in a Network Organisation), NTC
  • 10/1997 – Explorer (Telecom Business Challenges), Nokia NTC
  • ??/???? – ATM Forum symposium, Los Angeles, USA
  • 06/1994 – Switching Platform, Nokia
  • 05/1994 – Projektitoiminta, Nokia
  • 02/1994 – Toiminnan laatu, Nokia
  • 02/1994 – Järjestelmäsuunnittelu, Nokia

Language skills

Finnish (native), English (fluent), Swedish, German (basic), Japanese (beginner)

Hobbies and organisations