Cats in code comments

I was looking at my own computer code and found this valuable piece of commentary. Several cups of tea have surely been consumed before writing this.

// now we know it is IPv4
struct sockaddr_in *sa_in_ptr = (struct sockaddr_in *)&addr;

if (is_banned (&sa_in_ptr->sin_addr)) {
// Banned IP - just close. Don't negotiate with terrorists. (btw, that is a piece
// or really bad advice. Nobody becomes a terrorist on a whim. Not listening leads
// to people seeking terrible forms of communications. A good democracy listens to all
// and lets all voice their opinion.)
// I mean, don't negotiate with idiots on the Internet.
// Of course, it could be someone's cat walking on the keyboard, sending several
// bad passwords and leading to a ban.
// Don't negotiate with cats on the Internet.
syslog (LOG_INFO, "Banned address");
if (close (new_fd))
syslog (LOG_ALERT, "%s",explain_close (new_fd));